Hunter James Photography

Who's Hunter?


Hello, my name is Mark Phillips!  

So who is Hunter?  Hunter is the name of my son, Hunter James.  

Getting married and having a baby, in the same year, triggered a crazy idea in my head to give birth to a new business - Hunter James Photography.  

My life forever changed in 2013 when I married my beautiful wife, Liz, and she gave birth to our first child, Hunter James.  Before getting married, Liz and I went through the insane process of searching for vendors to bring our special day to life.  I will admit, at the time I cared more about sampling cake than I did about finding a wedding photographer, and if it were only my decision, I would have found the cheapest photographer and hired them on the spot.  Fortunately, it wasn't only my decision.  During our search, we randomly stumbled in to one photographer who shined beyond all others at a local bridal show we attended.  His pricing was a little above our budget, but we absolutely loved his work, his creativity, and his personality.  I sent him an inquiry to see if he was available since our wedding date was only a few months away.  The stars aligned and we totally lucked out booking the photographer we both wanted.  Little did I know of the dramatic impact wedding photography was going to have on my life.  I was so moved upon viewing our wedding photos that I decided I wanted to provide others with the same wonderful feeling.  In a matter of weeks, I had a registered business, named after our son (because Mark Phillips Photography sounded way too boring!), and I had enough professional photography gear to jump in to a world I knew nothing about.  Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that to be a photographer, I needed to have more than just a business name and professional camera gear.  My images simply didn't turn out like those taken by the wedding photographer we had hired...  I knew I could do better and I kept at it anyway... 

Fast forward a few years, through lots of learning and continuous growth, and I am finally ready to move you the way I was moved in 2013.  I want to get to know you.  I want to be there for those moments in your lives that you will cherish forever.  I want to capture your story.  I want to provide you with a personalized photography experience unlike any other.  I want to provide you with a Hunter James Experience.  

Please browse my gallery and give me a call or send me a note if you like my work.   I look forward to speaking with you!  :)

Mark is one of the best photographers I have ever met! We wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. He’s so thoughtful, fun and professional! He did our maternity pictures and I can’t wait to see what he does for newborn pictures and of course our wedding! Thanks Mark!
— Colleen Filer-Osborne
You could see the creative juices flowing. The whole day. Very easy going, truly an artist. God has blessed him with an incredible eye. Beautiful and original photos. Keep on keepin on Hunter. Thankful for the opportunity to see things through lenses.
— Lisa Whisnand